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Turn VR clockwise to decrease the margin or counter-clockwise to increase the margin. These and other parameters can also be configured through HP JetAdmin. If you are unsure what type of paper you are loading such as bond or recycled , check the label on the package of paper. Lift up the lower Paper Feed Module Plate to remove it. Internal Components 3 of 3 Item No. The flow of the paper is shown below. About to sheets can still be printed.

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Information Pages Will the printer print information pages successfully? The print samples shown in the following tables lzserjet some print quality defects. Tray 1 Pickup Assembly Remove the covers starting on page See links below for details.

Hp CA – LaserJet 5n B/W Laser Printer Manuals

This is the default setting. Note See the documentation included with the duplexer for complete installation and setup hp laserjet 5 c3916a. Page of Go. The default mode is normal and should be optimal for most users.

Threaded Phillips with captive star washer Used to fasten metal or plastic to plastic mainframes. Measure all the test prints and calculate the average. This style of envelope may be more likely to wrinkle.

Inform the customer that the correct line voltage is not available at the outlet. The HP PCL 6 language increases its capability to print hp laserjet 5 c3916a pages, while remaining compatible with past and future HP LaserJet printers, and its bi-directional port transfers data twice as fast.

Then, any unnecessary envelopes are removed by the Separation Roller, and the envelope is fed to the printer. PS detects paper in 3. These and other parameters can also be configured through HP JetAdmin. You can visit the HP JetSend website to learn which other devices are available to communicate easily and directly with your HP JetSend-enabled printer.

Photosensitive Drum The special properties of the Lassrjet Drum hp laserjet 5 c3916a an image to be formed hp laserjet 5 c3916a the Drum surface and then transferred to paper.

The Transfer Roller is underneath the Toner Cartridge. Wrong Toner density From the print quality menu on the Control Panel, setting. The Fusing Roller contains a ceramic heating element that provides heat for the fusing process. Internal Components 1 of 3 Item No.

HP LaserJet printer model reference

The paper passes between a heated Fusing Roller and a soft Pressure Roller. Figure Cleaning the Drum Functional Information To open the rear output bin, grasp the handle at the top of the bin. Clears most printer messages and bp the printer online. If the printer is attached to a network through an Hp laserjet 5 c3916a JetDirect EIO card, before you can print, the printer must be configured for c316a network.

Check the Transfer Roller and Small Media Poor contact between Clean the hp laserjet 5 c3916a, if contaminated.

The printer is not exposed to direct sunlight. Remove the Formatter Pan in order to split the engine from the tray assembly or to access the Gear Train. To view hp laserjet 5 c3916a help file, access the online help through the printer driver.

This sets the factory default paper size to either Hp laserjet 5 c3916a or A4. It consists of six stages: The Laser Scanner is on the top of the printer, tilted toward the rear, and has a yellow label on Unplug the 3 connectors as shown. Page Page – checking the printer’s configuration Page Page Hp laserjet 5 c3916a – pcl c33916a ps font list Page – service and support Page – guidelines for repacking the printer Page Page Page – limited warranty for toner cartridge lif Checking the Toner Level This is called duplexing.

If the PS does not detect paper within that time interval, the CPU turns off the Feed Roller clutch CL to stop the paper after the top of page sensor PS detects the presence of the preceding page. Standard input capacity of sheets, with one sheet tray and one sheet multipurpose tray.

Internal Components of sheet Module c3916z of 2 Item No.

HP C3952A – LaserJet 5n B/W Laser Printer Manuals

laserjer By clicking lassrjet the part numbers below, you can check the price, begin an order, or place the item in your shopping cart. Deleting a Stored Job This procedure is the same for one sheet Tray or hp laserjet 5 c3916a sheet Trays. It has Industry-standard parallel, serial, and wireless infrared ports.

This is set initially at the factory topages. If the printer is unable to receive information, for example, when the print buffer is full or when the printer is out of paper, a signal is sent to hp laserjet 5 c3916a computer to stop sending information. We have gone over each unit with care to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality and can be guaranteed good as new.

ミドルレンジ帯の性能を底上げしたRadeon HD 6870/6850

The CPU detects the remaining Toner level and the presence of the Cartridge when the developing bias is applied to the Developing Cylinder. Page Page Page – advanced printing tasks Page – printer driver features Page – different first page Page – printing multiple pages on one sheet of When you zoom in hp laserjet 5 c3916a a document, you can hp laserjet 5 c3916a the hand tool to move the page around.

To order parts, see Chapter 8. Print a few more pages to see if the problem printer specifications corrects itself.

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