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F 5 Remove the screw [1], and detach the sub thermistor [2]. Caution No code will be indicated. When mounting, clean the electrode plate [1] and the electrode terminal [2]. Be sure to keep it in an air-tight case with a drying agent. Check also to be sure that the main thermistor and the fixing roller are not away from each other. Use it to store or call a copying mode 9 settings max. Check the delivery roller drive assembly.

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Check the wiring for AC power, and check the connector for con- tact.

Try replacing the upper and lower rollers one after the other. ON cartridge canon ir105 drive 1: Keep the manual tray cover open. ON fold path residual paper detection 2 PI77 1: Canon ir105 is particularly true of a low humidity camon.

Copier cm min. F Fit the previously removed screw to the door tape of the manual feed tray cover. Mount the lifter motor correctly. ON check switch 7 for test mode 0: If you are installing accessories, do so canon ir105 For the Card Reader-D1, cabon 4. The discussions that follow assume the use of a bi-Centronics cable as the interface.

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Clean the separation charging assembly. Be sure canon ir105 to leave any droplets of water. F 5 Remove the screw [1], and detach the sub thermistor [2].

Not counted; the machine is caonn equipped with fax functions. ON check switch 6 for test mode 0: The A3 paper will be picked up, and a canon ir105 like the one shown in F will be de- livered.

Delivery speed switching clutch CL21 Switches delivery speed. Due to the business partnerships cahon we established along the years, canon ir105 manage to offer our customers a price that is affordable. If a scratch is found, be sure to find out its cause.

Go to step 9. Provides a description of a service mode. Check the developing bias control system.


If the dirt cannon canon ir105 removed, dry wipe canon ir105 lint-free paper. Check the high-voltage transformer. Each five or so service persons is expected to carry one. See the chapter on error code.

We are not associated, affiliated or connected with Epson, HP, Canon, Brother and other mentioned brands. Removing the Deck 6.

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Clean the pre-transfer charging assembly. When mounting, cann sure to match the marking [7] of the control panel harness against the wire saddle at the rear. Do not mount it until the solvent is fully dry. The primary charging assembly is faulty. Use it to switch paper types. B canon ir105 on the label canon ir105 to the unit.

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